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Fibalite – UV Curing Pipe Wrap


  • Fibalite is a fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP) sheet, specially suited as a anti-corrosion system on to pipes and tanks for above as well as for underground application.

  • This product is created as a thick film (membrane) and is standard available on rolls of 10 m x 0.6 m x 1.5 mm. Other thicknesses are available on demand. Fibalite is, in uncured state, soft and pliable. It can be cut in any shape or size or trimmed on all surfaces to be wrapped, rolled or applied in another way.

  • The Fibalite cures by exposure to sunlight or UV light source. After a few minutes the curing process will start and is fully cured after several hours. When this product is cured it is an exceptionally strong, rot-free and extremely durable material with a heat resistance of 135 °C, is impervious to water and resistant to many acids, chemicals and solvents. Fibalite is fixed with Fibalitape

Product Sheet

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Ideal for:

  • Pipeline surface repair and reinforcement

  • Tank wall or bottom repair and reinforcement 

  • Insulated pipe and Insulation protection 

  • Underground pipeline protection

  • Protect welding seams protection

Fibalite_Rust treatment and prevention_pipeline rehabilitation.jpg

Technical Data



Fibalite advantages:

  • Easy to use

  • Strong adhesion to surface

  • Withstand mechanical impact, abrasion and pressure

  • Excellent resistance to various chemical

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