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Fibawrep – Marine Protection Wrap


  • Fibawrep is a polyurethane wrapping which is fast curing by short term water contact. The Fibawrep is especially designed for mechanical protection in harsh and in wet circumstances. The Fibawrep protects metal structures (for example jetty piles) from mechanical impacts such as drifting wood or boat landings. 

  • Fibawrep is used as mechanical protection material in the CMP Fibalite Splash Water Zone System in combination with Cempoxit.

Product Sheet

Download Product Sheet

Ideal for:

  • Jetty Piles

  • Fenders

  • Underwater pipes

  • Offshore rig column


Technical Data


Fibawrep table_edited_edited.jpg

Fibagel advantages:

  • Easy to prepare surface only require St2 cleaning

  • High flexibility, self-healing material 

  • No curing time

  • High tack up to Mpa

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Good adhesion to factory applied pipeline coatings like PE, PP and FBE

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