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Cempoxit – Underwater Epoxy Coating


  • 100 % Solid extra high build epoxy for harsh environment application. Cempoxit can be applied on wet and high salt contaminated surfaces or even under seawater.

  • Cempoxit is an ideal coating to protect steel and concrete surfaces from harsh environment, salt water, various chemical and abrasion.

  • Can be used as single coating system and can be applied on other existing high build epoxy.

Product Sheet

Download Product Sheet

Ideal for:

  • Condensate pipelines

  • Splash zones and Underwater

  • Jetty and Offshore

  • Harsh Chemical Environment

Cempoxit-Surface prep1.jpg

Technical Data



Cempoxit advantages:

  • Solvent free epoxy, no toxic released to environment

  • High adhesion on steel, concrete and other high build epoxy

  • Can be applied on wet surfaces, salty surfaces and underwater

  • Single product system, three layers of Cempoxit is already a full protection for marine structures

  • High resistance to marine environment, UV, chemicals and abrasion

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