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Cempfloor – Concrete Protection Epoxy


  • Cempfloor is a viscous, solvent free, two component, high modified epoxy based coating, withstand high loads.

  • Cempfloor is a one-coat system. 2 layers of Cempfloor ends up in a full protection system for the surface. Suitable for high mechanical loads on concrete floors.

  • Cempfloor is easy to apply with a spray or roller.

Product Sheet

Download Product Sheet

Ideal for:

  • Storage

  • Garage

  • Galleries and balconies

  • Plants


Technical Data


Cempfloor table.jpg

Cempfloor advantages:

  • Easy to apply

  • Excellent resistant to impact and abrasion

  • Excellent resistant to water and other chemicals

  • Good cleanability

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