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Alucemp – Corrosion Inhibitor Coating


  • Alucemp is a high quality, surface tolerant, modified epoxy with low solvent, aluminum flakes and rust converters. This product can be applied on to a surface with a cleanliness according to the Swedish method St2 (hand tools). Sandblasting is not necessary. 

  • Alucemp can be applied on a surface-temperature of 145°C. The temperature range is between -40 °C up to 240 °C. No stops necessary.

  • Alucemp is ideally suited for application on to surfaces under insolation such as of hot pipes, distillation columns, exchangers, flarelines, chimneys etc. For the oil- and gasindustry on-and offshore, chemical and petrochemical plants.

Product Sheet

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Ideal for:

  • Pipelines

  • Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

  • Welding joints and seams

  • Steel structures

  • Chimney, Flare line

  • Storage tanks

  • Hot valves

  • Metal equipment

Alucemp-Tank CUI.jpg

Technical Data

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Alucemp advantages:

Surface Preparation

  • Easy to prepare. No hot works, only hand tools required (St2).

Curing Mechanism

  • None VOC and low solvent, reducing pin hole from happening 

  • Fast curing, can be recoated within 1 hour between layers. No interval time frame. 


  • Can be applied on any metal substrate temperature up to 145 degree (can apply on operating hot line process)

  • Single product system, only use Alucemp 3 layers. No need to apply primer, intermediate, top.


  • Withstand -40 to 240 degree operating temperature after curing.

  • Highest adhesion on steel from only hand tool preparation. 

  • Aluminum and Aluminum flakes help protection against, chemicals, abrasion, harsh environment and UV. 

  • 10 years warranty by manufacturer

  • 30 years references at ExxonMobil Belgium, no recoating.

Alucemp application-Cracker.jpg
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